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Lutron Lights, Blinds And Energy Saving Solutions – Saving The Planet One Day At A Time

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Lutron Lights, Blinds And Energy Saving Solutions – Saving The Planet One Day At A Time

It Is Your Responsibility To Be An Eco Worrier – start with Lutron lights, blinds and energy saving solutions…

In today’s day and age, it is every single person’s responsibility to be an eco-worrier! The planet needs us like never before and our time to stand up and demand solutions is now!

So how can we, as consumers of high-end home automation technology do our part to ensure that the planet we leave for our children is a healthy one? Well, luckily, manufacturers of our favorite brands have created products that enable us to save energy, and the planet, a little bit at a time.

Lutron lights and Energy Saving Solutions

A fantastic example of this is, of course, Lutron lights and blind energy-saving solutions – a prime example of how small changes within your home can affect the greater scheme of things.

One of the simplest solutions that Lutron offers is what is referred to as High-end trim, whereby lights are programmed to only function at about 70% capacity, rather than 100% capacity. The difference in light visually is minimal, but the effect on the planet is not!

Occupancy Sensors & Energy Saving

Lutron systems also offer vacancy and occupancy sensors, that have the ability to detect when you are in a room – should the sensor not pick up movement for a pre-determined time, the lights in the room will automatically switch off, naturally saving energy.


But it is not all about artificial light – what about the natural light that enters a room through its windows. What about that light’s effect on the micro-climate within that room? Well, that is where Lutron’s state-of-the-art, class-topping motorized blinds come into play.

You see, natural light, and ambient temperature go hand in hand, and not knowing how to create a symbiotic relationship between the two, can be costing you thousands of rands each month in energy consumption.

Lutron Smart Blinds

Lutron’s motorized blinds can be programmed to allow in only the necessary amount of natural light, to ensure that artificial light is not needed, but can eliminate the need for complete natural light that may make a room too warm, and therefore in need of air-conditioning.

You see, if light can be adequately controlled using blinds, the need for artificial heating and cooling systems is greatly reduced, if not removed.

Lutron also offers products such as sheer blinds that allow light through, but not heat – perfect for those North-facing bedrooms that enjoy a little too much South African sunshine. Energy saving is everyone’s responsibility, and we at Sound X Perience are proud to be able to offer a variety of entirely customizable solutions to our customers. Want to know more? Click here


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