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Happy 17th Birthday Sound X Perience

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Happy 17th Birthday Sound X Perience

It all started 17-years ago with a dream.

In our 17-years, Sound X Perience has been nurtured from a fledgling enterprise to one that is now well-known throughout the AV industry, employing almost 20 people. It is a family-owned and run business that prides itself on producing only the best quality work for our hefty client base. Founded by Robert McGill in 2002 as a company whose primary business was the installation of DSTV, Sound X Perience has successfully moved with the times and is now one of the top Home Automation and custom AV solutions businesses in the country.

We have nurtured and grown countless technicians, growing them from young, inexperienced and unskilled school-leavers, to now senior technicians who manage their own teams, growing our business on a daily basis.

Technical director Paul McGill joined the company in 2003, and has spent the past 16 years learning about the latest and greatest technological advancements, and passing on his vast knowledge to those around him. Under his guidance, countless employees have grown to become success stories of their own who have gone on to teach and guide the next generation of Sound X Perience staff. Paul thrives on accumulating knowledge, and enjoys a challenging job when given one.

Lehlohonolo Parkies has been with Sound X Perience since day one – and has proved that nothing is ever too much to ask. He has become well-known in the community for his dedication to the company. Lucky, as he is known to his colleagues, began his journey with Sound X Perience selling TV stands on the side of the road. He has since completed various AV courses and obtained a variety of certifications that enable him to work effectively in even the most challenging environments. His sense of humor and infectious laugh as well as his down to duty attitude have made Lucky an absolute pleasure to have on this journey with us.

Another passionate individual that we are lucky enough to have as a long-standing employee is Wilson Serage, who started his journey as a junior technician, working under our Technical Director, Paul. Wilson has made an on-going effort to improve his skills, having attended a number of courses, and even obtained his driver’s license to enable him to reach Senior Technician status. Wilson is an employee who will just push through to get the job done. He is an asset that we are proud to have in the Sound X Perience family.

The past 17 years have been a roller-coaster ride of many ups, and many downs. There have been days when we have wondered if all the hard work is actually worth it, and no doubt, there will be many more of those ahead of us. But for now, we are grateful for the opportunities we have had – for the people we have met, and the skills we have learned. We are passionate about our industry, and must credit that passion for our success.

Every customer has come with a lesson – some of those frustrating, but most rewarding. Our growth has been dependent on meeting our customers’ constant need for more. Our industry never sleeps, and technology never stops, not for a minute, and being on top of it is a full-time job – one that we relish.

So in celebrating our 17th year in business, we would like to take a moment to acknowledge those who have come along on the journey with us – whether you have been there from the start, or have only recently boarded our crazy train – thank you for your support, your advice, and even criticism (which keeps us on our toes and encourages us to do better).

We have done jobs that we have loved, and a few that we have hated. We have worked in countries all across Africa, and in towns that until then, we didn’t know existed. We have installed equipment on boats, in mansions and even in shacks (yip!), and everyone has provided its own unique opportunity for learning.

We are going nowhere, and we are looking forward to having you on this exciting ride with us. 17 down, a lot more to go! Cheers!

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