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Sound X Perience Rocks Out New Music Venue

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Sound X Perience Rocks Out New Music Venue

When a brilliant idea, precision professionalism and quality equipment collide, what manifests is nothing short of Commercial Audio Visual magnificence.

Owners of the fantastic new Rock @ 88 Bar and Braai Morelta Park put their faith in Sound X Perience when commissioning a company to kit out their sensational new outdoor/indoor live music venue in Morelta Park – a decision by which they stand following fantastic service delivery and a pitch-perfect end product.

Opening night at Rock @ 88 saw a variety of live musicians take to the stage – a test for any newly installed sound system. The Sound X Perience system stood up to this test on all levels.  One might presume that the party would be over when the live bands left the stage, but quite the contrary. When the music switched over to the Sound Xperience system, the sound quality was flawless, and the festivities did not skip a beat. With more than 1 000 people chatting loudly, the system held its own proving sound clarity without being played disruptively loud.

What makes the system installed at Rock @ 88 unique?

  • Sound Xperience installed a top-of-the-range Apart active local input to enable live music to be distributed evenly through the main sound system. This ensures the sound is evenly distributed throughout the establishment without it being unbearably loud, or inaudible, in any particular area.

  • Sound Xperience installed a total of 40 Dahua analogue HD 2 Mega pixel cameras with Crystal HD picture in the venue, ensuring that the owners and managers know what is going on in all corners of the venue – a safety benefit for the owners and patrons alike.

  • Sound Xperience installed an Apart Audiocontrol 12.8 for zone processing and Digital Sound Processing (DSP), a Control4 EA3 for phone and tablet control, and 4 dimmable light circuits for ambiance building.
  • Sound Xperience installed a total of 4, 125W Apart Champ amplifiers, providing 16 output channels, 20 Apart Mask wall-mount speakers (outside), and 8 Apart CM20 in-ceiling speakers (inside).
  • DSTV is distributed in HD using DVB-T (This involves putting HD picture over normal RF TV cable), a cost effective solution when many tvs are involved.

In short, this client has been supplied a high-end solution to their unique commercial audio-visual needs – quality equipment installed with complete professionalism.

What makes the system especially favourable is the fact that it can be controlled in its entirety, remotely, using a tablet or smartphone. Why is this important, you ask? Well when a customer is paying good money for high-end equipment, they want it as far out of harm’s way as possible. The equipment can be safely stored in an office somewhere, and the system can still be controlled perfectly on site without the risk of someone’s drink landing on an expensive piece of equipment, ruining it instantly. Furthermore, the system can be controlled from anywhere on the floor, meaning that should a customer have a complaint about the music level in his/her section of the venue, this can be adjusted there and then in front of the customer.

Monique Venter, owner of this phenomenal new venue had this to say about her dealings with the Sound Xperience team: “We at Rock @ 88 are very pleased to have chosen Sound Xperience to work with us at our new restaurant in Moreleta Park. The system is out of this world; you can control everything with your phone, from TV channels to volume.”

She further commended the service received. “We have received exceptional service from Paul and the Sound Xperience team. Their sound system has put the ‘Rock’ back into Rock @ 88.”

Paul McGill, senior technical manager at Sound Xperience said that the installation, although challenging had been a massive success. “This particular installation was a time consuming and challenging one, but the end product is well worth the tremendous effort involved.”

Sound Xperience thanks the owners and staff at Rock @ 88 for the opportunity to be part of the birth of a legend. This venue will, without a doubt, quickly become a staple for music lovers around Gauteng, and Sound Xperience is proud to be associated with this brand. We encourage you all to pay a visit to Rock @ 88 – and when you are blown away by the musical brilliance, remember the role we played!

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