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Don’t let your children’s music ruin your life

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Don’t let your children’s music ruin your life

Let’s face it – your children have awful taste in music and there is nothing you can do about it! We wish we could get them off the Bieber and onto the ACDC for you, but that’s just not going to happen; not now, anyway!

What we can do though is hook you up with an incredible multi-room audio system in your home that will enable you to remove yourself from the torture chamber sounds of today’s youth, and rather find solace in your own space.

So while your little preciousourus is bopping up and down to the latest kiddie pop in his/her bedroom*, you can retreat to your mancave, bedroom, kitchen – anywhere else in your home, for that matter, and switch on your sanity-saving music, as loud as you like.

*Just a side note here – we highly recommend recording some of that Bieber bopping on your fantastic Dahua CCTV cameras, for blackmail purposes, later in life!

Anyway, back to the amazing benefits of multi-room audio… a system that can save your sanity, and make your family happier, all around. Because just as much as you are not into the Biebs, your wife would probably prefer to be listening to the finals of the latest Britain’s Got Talent, than you screaming your best Brian Johnson interpretation – no matter how good you think it is!

Multi-room audio systems enable different music, from different devices to be played in different areas of the home. Some can be centrally controlled (especially fun if messing with the Bieber-fever is as fun for you as it is for us!), while others are controlled from the particular usage area.

So as much as you love your beautiful family, a multi-room audio system is an invaluable addition to any home, giving you that little bit of a break from the chaos of a family home.

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