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The New Trend

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The New Trend

Lighting Automation Has Become The Trend.

Have you ever imagined being able to switch off your lights without having to go all the way to the switch? Introducing Lighting Automation!

A lighting automation system is a smart, network-based lighting solution where all lights and all switches can communicate with one another. This allows the lights and switches to be programmed any which way you please.
Sound X Perience creates smart homes for customers, and they are no lightweight when it comes to full-on home and lighting automation.

Along with #Control4, we believe in taking a practical approach when it comes to home automation by starting small and building outward, and starting with the device or devices that are part of your day-to-day routine.  Lighting is absolutely a part of the day-to-day, so lighting automation is a good starting point for this practical approach.

If you install Control4 lighting automation, you also have the option of immediately adding on voice control with Amazon Alexa. Alexa’s capabilities are very cool. For example, simply ask Alexa to light the way when you arrive home in the dark with an armful of groceries, and turn the entrance hall and kitchen lights on as you walk… Now that is pretty cool!

That settles the practical benefits, but what about adding a little luxury to your life?  After a long day at the office you want to kick your shoes off and relax to your favourite tunes in the living room. With lighting automation, you can pre-set the lights to dim to 40% and the music to start at a certain time, using your smartphone or tablet, or, imagine crawling into bed after a long day and being able to turn off every light in the house and turn the outside lights on, with the simple touch of a button or a voice command.  Imagine having an outside that is as bright as the inside?! Lighting automation knows no boundaries and loves the outside as much as it does the indoors.

Lighting automation also adds loads of security benefits.  If you’re going away on holiday , let your automated lighting system give the impression that someone is home at night, by setting various lights to turn on and off at certain times during the course of the evening.  Lighting automation is also a great way to be forewarned of any suspicious activity on your property.  For example, if your alarm should trigger you can set your perimeter lighting to flash.

We’re sure you’re impressed by now. Who wouldn’t be when you can change your living room into a Cinematic Xperience!  You can have the lights dim in your home theatre the minute the screen comes down, or you can set your lighting automation so that lights switch off as soon as a room is unoccupied. Sheer brilliance!

You’ll never view your home in the same light again once you have experienced lighting automation. The possibilities are endless!

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