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Don’t be a victim – protect your home and your family

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Don’t be a victim – protect your home and your family

We hear the stories every day… Elderly folk attacked and killed in their own homes; women raped by gangs of violent intruders; children hiding in cupboards to be saved from the malice going on in their own homes.

As citizens, we no longer feel safe; and worse than that, we no longer feel able to keep our families safe. We feel helpless, and it hurts. Criminals make it look so easy – they scale high walls without blinking, smash windows without thinking, and commit the most heinous crimes without flinching.

With Fullvision and Dahua security analogue HD camera and IP camera ranges, now available at Sound Xperience, protecting your family has just become more of a reality.

Gone are the days of hearing a noise in your garden, grabbing your baseball bat and heading off outside to investigate? Now, if your outside beams are activated, your alarm will sound, instantly alerting you to the possibility of an intrusion. All you have to do now, is pick up your phone, and view your entire home from the safety of your own bedroom. Before your armed response has even arrived, you have ascertained the threat level and have protected your family accordingly.

IP camera technology can be fully integrated into your home automation system. IP cameras provide Full HD minimum 2MP picture quality for the best possible CCTV picture.  Our higher spec ranges offer up to 4K picture quality and cutting edge software with features like facial recognition and item tracking with Smart Search.

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The analogue HD cameras record in high definition, while still running on analogue cable. The cameras record full colour picture during the daytime, and black and white images in low-light conditions. The system records on average 1 weeks’ worth of footage from 8 camera’s in high definition, on a 2TB hard drive. This can, of course, be upgraded to suit your own personal needs.

With the correct precautionary measures, you can rest assured that you and your family are safe in your home. A good CCTV system is undoubtedly, an absolute necessity in any home security system.

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