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Playing The Right Soundtrack For Your Customer’s Best Experience

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Playing The Right Soundtrack For Your Customer’s Best Experience

Shopping – a girl’s favourite pastime; a man’s worst nightmare. We work hard for our money, we might as well enjoy the reward, right?

As a store owner, it is of pivotal importance that you capitalise on the love that people have for spending their money. You have the right stock, your prices are unbeatable, and your staff knowledgeable, but still, something is missing. Cue: music.

What is missing from your store is ambiance, and that is where an Apart commercial AV system can save you. With zoning capabilities and full digital sound processing, you can make sure that the perfect soundtrack is playing exactly the way you want it in every part of your store.

With the addition of a paging mic, you can have your customers fighting for stock out of each other’s hands, by announcing your hourly specials to the entire store. And when little ones get lost in the chaos, you can call mommy directly to the till to collect her little bundle of joy.

Commercial AV systems can be customised to suit the specific needs of the client, and can range in ability from a small, single room system, to a system that can cover a multi-floored shopping complex. It can be designed so that different zones can enjoy a completely different feel to those right next door.

There is no limit to what a brilliant #CommercialAV system can do for you, and your business. Click #SoundXperience today to discuss your needs and how we can meet them.

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