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Sound X Perience – The Kings Of Custom Automation Solutions

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Sound X Perience – The Kings Of Custom Automation Solutions

Want to know why we are the kings of custom automation solutions?

What do we at Sound X Perience do to outshine the competition and ensure that our doors remain open? Well, we do what you, our customer needs – we put you first, every single time, and we pride ourselves on it! We pride ourselves on custom automation solutions that exceed your expectations.

custom automation solutions

At Sound X Perience we aim to please and are proud to offer custom automation solutions to your requirements and budget. Whether it’s a simple lighting solution, stereo speaker set-up or a complete Smart Home with security, lighting, AV and temperature control, we have got you covered.

Let’s unpack some other custom automation solutions:

Multiroom Audio

Be empowered to play audio from multiple sources in designated areas of your home. In essence, these systems will allow users the freedom to stream music from a variety of music and audio platforms throughout the home, or in one specific room, all through one easy to use interface. These systems are controlled off your home network via a Smartphone or Tablet – creating a soundtrack for everyday life. 

Lighting Automation

Lighting automation (another custom automation solution) allows you to control the lighting in your entire home from one point – either a touchpad installed on a wall, or your smartphone, or tablet. Simple software enables ease of use, that even the most technologically challenged among us can cope with. Part of our custom automation solution is that our programmers ensure that the programming is simple, and makes sense, to enable a frustration-free transition into the world of Home Automation.

Lighting Automation Unpacked

So, what exactly can lighting automation do for you? Well, to be truthful, it can do anything you want it to! But let’s start with the more every day uses. We all know our family’s tendency to leave lights on in every room they leave, right? Well, lighting automation enables you to see every light in the house with one quick glance at your phone, and switch them on and off as required. Fun fact here – you do not even need to be in the house at the time. You could be at a business meeting in Timbuktu, and as long as you have an internet connection, you can control your home.

 But what about using your home’s lighting to improve its ambiance – to create romance, or the ideal study environment. It is a scientifically proven fact that lighting alone can hugely impact our moods, and our ability to function effectively. With lighting automation, the touch of a button can dim lights and create a loving, romantic environment, perfect for your Valentines Day dinner, while another button can brighten the light in the study area, to ensure your children are hard at work, preparing for school.

Your lighting design can say so much about you, and we would like to help you design that lighting to tell the story you want it to!

Yes. But even better, these features will save you money on your energy bill when you use them wisely. Here are a few ways how:

  • Dimmers: Dimming lights means you use less power. Particularly when it comes to LEDs, as using them with a dimmer cuts down on energy at a 1:1 ratio. That means that dimming the light’s brightness 25% will use 25% less energy, and so on.
  • App Control: Remotely turning lights on and off when you enter and leave rooms means you can become your personal movement sensor. Need to use the bathroom in the middle of the night? Avoid stumbling or leaving on a night light, and instead, control the bathroom light from bed with your smartphone.
  • Exterior options: Outdoor lighting is a significant consideration for homeowners since a dark yard is a perfect place for unwanted things to hide. When you need to take the dog out late at night, you can quickly turn lights on and off – without having to install a complicated system – making sure you and your pup both feel safe.

Having started out as a small, family-run business, and grown to what we are today, we know that we understand our clients. We take the time to listen, we provide a variety of custom automation solutions, and we walk the road with you. Smart homes are inescapably the way of the future, and we want to be there for you, guiding you to your best smart solution.

We offer custom cinemas, lighting control, security systems, and AV solutions, all integrated into an easy-to-use platform for the client.

Home Cinema Custom Automation Solutions

On the Home Cinema front, we offer anything from the supply of equipment to the full custom automation solution where our team will manage the entire project, start to finish. This includes ensuring that the look and feel meets your expectations, the acoustics create the optimal sound and the lighting sets the mood you desire. All of this is then integrated onto a single remote for ease of use.

Having done hundreds of custom automation solutions and aligning ourselves with the best brands in the business, you can be assured that you will get the ideal solution that meets your budget and your home automation vision.

The essence of our business is Simple Smart Solutions – driven by our desire to make your life easier. If you want it, we will customize it for you.

Did you know?

We are a proudly black female owned company. As a Level 1 BEE contributor, we strive to deliver the best the AV industry has to offer.

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