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Lutron Belongs In Every Home – Trust Us

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Lutron Belongs In Every Home – Trust Us

By now, you as a consumer are well aware of the many advantages of automating your home. Well now, along with advantages, there are also options, enabling you to select from a variety of brands, to find a solution that fits your requirements seamlessly.


We at Sound X Perience would like to introduce you to the latest in lighting automation technology – Lutron RA2 Select.

The aim of this solution is to ‘get Lutron into every home’. Easy to retrofit, this lighting solution is perfect for every home.

So, what exactly is Lutron RA2 Select, and why do you need it?

Lutron RA2 Select is designed for small to medium homes. Essentially the system is retrofitted inline and all traditional switches are removed. The system can be controlled using a unique app or by using wireless PICOs (in the place of light switches). The PICOs are battery operated and have an impressive lifespan of 10-years.

The RA2 Select main repeater lets you control your lights and shades on your smartphone or tablet, from anywhere in the world using the free Lutron App. You can also use the versatile PICO remote for control throughout your home. The PICO is available as a keypad, for scene control, or as a remote, for individual light and shade control.

What can the Lutron RA2 do?

Easy system setup through the Lutron App automatically configures light and shade levels for typical activities itself. The pre-engraved PICO scene keypad guarantees every scene keypad in the home has an intuitive scene name, such as Bright, Entertain, and Relax, for those pre-set light and shade levels.

Lutron is technology you can trust – Lutron’s patented Clear Connect RF technology sets the bar for reliability. You can trust your system will work with precision and accuracy, free from interference with other frequency bands, every time you use it.

Lighting automation is becoming more and more of an asset in the home and is sure to have a positive impact on your resale value – as electricity becomes more expensive, the need to appropriately control it is vastly increasing.

Are you interested in automating your home lighting, but are not sure where exactly to start – we have all the information you need. Click here to get in touch with one of our friendly sales staff, who will gladly give you the information you need to start your automation journey with us.


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