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TECH ADVICE: Why In 2019 A Good WiFi Network Is More Important Than Ever

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TECH ADVICE: Why In 2019 A Good WiFi Network Is More Important Than Ever

Remember a hundred years ago when highways didn’t exist and those fortunate enough to own cars drove them along tiny back roads to get themselves from A to B. Now imagine, just for a second, if you dare, all of today’s traffic – hundreds of thousands of vehicles, driven by frustrated owners who just want to get to work on time, all making use of those little back roads. Chaos – right? Right. Which is why we now have highways to ease that burden, just a bit.

The same can be said for your internet connection. Yes, I hear you sitting there telling me that your ISP provides a ‘free’ router with your package, which should be enough – but the truth is, it’s just not.

You see, gone are the days when the sum total of your daily internet usage was your child searching for pictures of his favourite rock stars – nowadays, your home runs on internet, quite literally.

Think about it for a minute – every member of your household has a cell phone that is connected to the internet, laptops, CCTV cameras that can be viewed from anywhere in the world, alarm systems that can be remotely activated, TV’s that can stream and record, live streamed movies and music, Multi-Room Audio systems, voice controlled automation, automated lighting – the list is simply endless; and ALL of that depends on your internet connection.

You have a Smart Home, now you need a Smart internet connection.

The truth is that in today’s day and age, the quality of audio and imaging is so outstanding, that a ‘free’ router provided by your ISP is simply not going to keep up – the amount of data being consumed in an ordinary home far exceeds the capabilities of these routers. This is not to say that these routers are useless, not at all. They are in fact, a perfect one-room internet solution. But they cannot handle the traffic generated by multiple devices throughout the home, streaming video and audio and still trying to control your home. When you want more, you need more!

At Sound X Perience, we install high-end, media-grade networking to ensure absolutely seamless integration between your busy life and your essential electronics. We pride ourselves on offering our clients good, workable solutions to their AV needs, and more often than not, these solutions depend on a WiFi network throughout the home.

Trust us, we all love the internet as much as you do, and we guarantee, once you have a great WiFi network installed, you will never look back.

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