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StormAudio – Immersive Sound Processors

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StormAudio – Immersive Sound Processors

Silent films… Good ol’ Charlie stumbles over a broom, and the crowd goes wild. Laughter fills the room as the black and white new-fangled ‘technology’ transcends moviegoers into a brand-new realm.

But times, well, they have changed, and what would have impressed some 50 years ago, simply ain’t going to cut it with today’s tech-savvy, laugh a minute audience. They want more, and more they will get.

Today, top-notch picture quality and the most immersive sound experiences are all that will impress AV clients who already have everything. And that is where StormAudio comes in with their inimitable sound processors, that provide sound quality so exceptional, that your mind is guaranteed to be blown.

Storm Audio’s Immersive Sound

So, what exactly is Immersive Sound? StormAudio themselves describe it better than we ever could. They tell us that real immersive sound provides the listener with a natural (“life-like”) three-dimensional sound experience unlike anything heard before in traditional 2D surround solutions. Immersive audio creates the sensation of height all around the audience, transporting them into a more thrilling and deeper audio experience.

This revolution in audio technology immerses the listener with sounds in front, above and all around, providing a totally new emotional level of entertainment in listening to music, watching movies or playing games, giving the feeling of actually being there, hearing all the details exactly as you would in real life. This new level of entertainment where you are enveloped with lifelike sound is the goal of Immersive Sound.

Get A High-End Home Cinema Xperience

Immersive Sound is one of the most important technologies available to discerning clients who want a high-end Home Cinema experience, and are prepared to pay for it, and therefore StormAudio supports all existing and future leading 3D Sound formats, such as Auro-3D, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. Thanks to binaural headphone technology for residential applications, StormAudio also enables you to experience Immersive Sound via headphones. SphereAudio is an exclusive StormAudio feature that is capable of delivering virtualized immersive 3D sound on any pair of high-quality headphones.

All in all, if a high-end Home Cinema experience is what you are after, the StormAudio range of immersive sound processors is exactly what you are looking for. Sound X Perience offers only the best to our customers, and we are proud to punt StormAudio as one of our preferred brands.

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