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Custom Themed Cinema Rooms

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Custom Themed Cinema Rooms

The latest trend in home cinema is creating a cinema room that is themed around your favourite movies.  We’ve put together a list with some easy tips for you to create a cinema room that will have your neighbours green with envy…

Choose a theme

Deciding on a theme should be the easy part of your project.  Think about your favourite movies, and genres.  Look for additional inspiration on Google and Pinterest and really build up the theme that you’re interested in.  An important aspect to creating your ideal theme would be to keep a consist colour scheme, so when deciding on your theme, keep a colour scheme in mind as well.


We all know that it’s the little things that count. Once you’ve decided on your theme and you’ve found a consist colour scheme, it’s important to accessorize around this.  Now it’s time to put in the hard hours and start watching the movies around your theme!  Look for small details in the movies and make a list of accessories that you can add to your room to keep the theme going.  An example of this would be if you’re choosing a Batman VS Superman theme, look for small items in the movie that stood out to you and recreate that in your cinema room.


This is the most important part of your cinema room.  The majority of your budget needs to go to choosing the correct equipment because this is what will give you that authentic cinema feeling.  Cinema equipment is made up of a great home theatre system, projector and screen. It’s also very important to have amazing seating to ensure you have the best home cinema experience. Learn more about choosing the correct equipment here –

With the right inspiration and equipment, you will be able to build the cinema room of your dreams.

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