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Understanding CCTV & Smart Security

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Understanding CCTV & Smart Security

If you’re looking to purchase CCTV for the first time for your home or business, there are several different camera options available to meet your needs. We know that time is money and we don’t want you to waste your time or money, so we are going to give it to you straight. You’re looking for a system that is easy to access remotely on your phone and tablet, a system that records sharp images during the day and night, that will record long enough for you to go back and retrieve older footage, and a system that is easy to operate (without having a degree in IT).


The acronym “DVR” stands for Digital Video Recorder. Your DVR is the head unit. This acts as the camera system’s computer. You are able to view, record and playback your camera feed off of the DVR unit. The DVR is also the unit that connects to the internet to enable live remote viewing. It’s important to match your DVR to your cameras. For example, you cannot use analogue 960H cameras on an analogue HD DVR and visa versa. The easiest way to avoid compatibility issues is to purchase a complete kit that includes cameras and a DVR.

These DVR’s can usually cater for 4, 8 and 16 channels (this refers to the amount of cameras the DVR can host). It’s important to decide how many cameras you need before purchasing a DVR because you cannot add more cameras than the specified amount without purchasing a whole new unit.


While there are several types of cameras available on the market, two common types are the 960H Analogue Cameras and Analogue HD Cameras.  This refers to the resolutions the cameras record in. There are a lot of similarities between the 960H and Analogue HD cameras, such as, both camera types are weatherproof, they both come in dome and bullet options, both are day and night vision and both are colour cameras. So which is better?  Have a look at the images below and decide for yourself.

While both cameras offer the advantage of seeing your home when you are away, the analogue HD cameras are a much better choice. The biggest motivator to purchasing the analogue HD cameras is the sharper image quality.

As the saying goes, if you buy cheap, you buy twice. It is wiser to have a reputable name brand product when it comes to the security of your home and business…  If you’re going to purchase a cheap CCTV kit off some random website, you’re definitely going to regret it.

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