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HD Distribution Made Simple

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HD Distribution Made Simple

HD Technology is developing continually and becoming increasingly accessible to the average user.  Most home owners are running an SD (standard definition) system off of RF cabling (RG6 cabling – commonly used for aerial/DSTv setups).

In previous years, if you had an existing RF (RG6) setup running in your home, you would need to reinstall CAT6/HDMI cabling to have high definition picture and sound quality on the additional TV’s in your home.  There is now a much simpler solution. Without changing any cabling, you can convert your existing RG6 setup to HDMI with the Fracarro MOD-HDTV modulator.

So, how does it work? The MOD-HDTV modulator is a high quality digital modulator which accepts one HDMI or analogue audio signal source and converts it into one RF (RG6) output. The modulator is then able to run full HD (1920*1080-30p) through your existing RF (RG6) setup. This modulator quality renders the MOD-HDTV the ideal solution for distributing HD or analogue TV signals coming from an HD source, such as an Explora, Bluray player, laptop or CCTV camera system over

You will also have the ability to control the device by using the onboard SSD (Seven Segment Display) interface and keypad for quick installation or by using the USB interface with the appropriate software, available on the Fracarro website for download, accompanying the MOD-HDTV for advanced programming.

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