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Kick Start Your Smart Home

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Kick Start Your Smart Home

For many homeowners, taking a deep dive into home automation can be a bit overwhelming. While the learning curve isn’t as steep as you might think, there are a few points to keep in mind when going into home automation for the first time.

Smart Home Controller

Once you decide to use automation devices, it is important to decide up front on which smart home devices you want to choose that will provide you with the best control. If you do not want to completely automate your home just yet, then you won’t have to buy a smart home hub or any additional products. Since home networks have to be hardwired to a media grade router, homeowners are able to get complete control over all of the smart devices that are part of the home automation ecosystem.

Multiroom Audio System

Ever wished there was a way in which you could listen to your favorite songs no matter where you were in the house? Well, Control4 Multiroom audio allows you to do just that. Once you have the system installed all you have to do is change the output of the sound on an app and all the speakers in your home will sync with each other, allowing you to listen to your favorite tunes continuously without having to skip from device to device, and speaker to speaker. Here’s what makes this a great addition to any home, your speakers are wired into rooms known as zones – you can have as many zones as you want in a home. The Control4 Multiroom Audio system is synced to your smart phone or tablet so it is able to communicate with all of the speakers in your home via your Wi-Fi network. This allows you to stream music or listen to whatever you’re watching on TV. Most importantly, you get to select the area of your home to play whatever connected source you want. With the Control4 Multiroom audio system you can also play all zones at once with “Partymode”.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

All functionality and commands happen through a Wi-Fi network, so needless to say, even a basic smart home system is going to require a reliable Wi-Fi network. It will give you two functions of having seamless Internet connectivity throughout the home but also allow you to talk to your smart home via a smart phone or tablet.

Smart Home Security

Home automation that’s integrated with security allows homeowners to view their home CCTV whenever they are not at home. It also provides homeowners the ability to receive notifications of alarm activations on their mobile devices whenever there is any suspicious behavior at home. Control4 Wireless Smart lighting can be integrated into an existing smart home automation system and can be used to turn on the lights to prevent burglars from robbing your valuables. While you will still be able to work the traditional light switches around your house, the smart controls will allow you to turn on or off, or dim the lights remotely to match your mood.

Control the TV

One great advantage of home automation is its ability to automate your TV. This can be done with the help of Control4 AV controller and the Control4 remote. Thanks to these two amazing devices, you no longer have to waste time juggling remotes. All you need is a touch of a button to perform multiple tasks, such as turning on the TV and home cinema system. Once you’re done catching your favorite programs on TV, just press ‘Off’ and that’s it.

While there are many options to go with when attempting smart home automation, the aforementioned options are considered to be the easiest and cheapest for beginners.

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