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An M&K MP 7 Home Cinema Package Beyond Comparison

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An M&K MP 7 Home Cinema Package Beyond Comparison

Get The Best Possible Audio Quality

At Sound X Perience, we know that as fans of the finer things in life, only the best is good enough for our most discerning clients. We know that our clients want the best possible quality, and they will do what it takes to get it.

To this end, we would like to introduce you to the M&K MP 7 Home Cinema package comprising of three MP7 speakers, two M4T surround speakers and a V10 subwoofer – a Home Cinema package that will deliver only the best in immersive sound, and put you right in the sound sweet-spot – all-the-time!

M&K MP 7 On Wall Speakers

The MP7 speaker is specifically designed for direct on-wall mounting and is fitted with integral rear panel brackets, along with specially designed damping pads to ensure easy and vibration-free installation. Essentially a half-depth, wall-mount version of the popular M7, the MP7 on-wall speaker offers the attractive option of extremely shallow cabinet depth for décor-friendly, discrete on-wall placement to bring vastly improved sound to any flatscreen TV.

M&K Sound M4T Surround Speakers

The M4T surround speakers combine a direct-radiator speaker with a dipole, in the same cabinet, and utilize M&K Sound’s proprietary Phase-Focused Crossover. The M4T’s design provides extraordinarily even dispersion of sound throughout the room, across a broad listening area with superior imaging and sound quality. They provide the benefits of exclusive M&K Sound technology in a remarkably compact and affordable package.

M&K V10 Subwoofer

The M&K V10 subwoofer delivers low distortion and high dynamic performance in a very compact format. Featuring a single 10” driver in a sealed enclosure, and combining digital switch mode power, with M&K’s proprietary analog “front-end” input stage designed for the legendary M&K Sound bass extension.

In short, we have created a package that is everything you could want for your entry into high-end Home Cinema. The package provides impeccable sound quality, without causing your bank manager (too many) heart palpitations. Want to know more? Click here


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