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The Art Of Smart Homes

Signature Smart Homes

The Art Of Smart Homes

The Architect’s Art of Smart

When tasked with the privilege of designing a masterpiece space for a client, your bespoke expression should never be diminished by finishings.

The catalyst to a perfect product is concept – your field of expertise, of course. But suppose you could offer your client something more; something extra-ordinary, to make your design stand above the rest.

Suppose you could offer your client the very best that smart home automation has to offer, without tampering with the precision of that which you have ergonomically designed.

Cue Control4 automation – a sophisticated, bespoke automation system that can be built in to your finishings, to provide unrivalled quality without destroying the aesthetic appeal of the space. Automation breaths life into your creativity.

The Interior Designer’s Art of Smart

Your passion lies in all things beautiful, all things stylish and all things sophisticated; and so does ours.

Superb audio and visual household components need no longer involve bulky equipment that sets off your perfectly on-point interior design. Instead, these components can now, and should now add to your design – technology at its most beautiful.

Your design for a glamorous home can beautifully incorporate set scenes that create the ideal atmosphere for any space. Soft lighting, temperature control and the subtle tones of your clients favourite music can be achieved at the touch of a button – why not use this to its full potential?

No modern home has room for banks of keypads and switches lining its walls, and why should it? You client should be able to choose which equipment is for show, and that which should be cleverly hidden away from roaming eyes in a media cabinet or separate room – and with Sound Xperience and Contrl4 automation, this is a reality.

Precision home automation can be specked from the blue-print stage. Speakers can be built into walls so as to become completely invisible. In ceiling speakers can be painted to match the exact hue of the space, while other, more signature pieces may form part of the home’s design.

Today’s discerning clients want homes that are Smart – everything else in their lives works for them, and they expect nothing less from their home. With Control 4 automation, you can design your client’s space to their exact, individual whims. At the swipe of a screen, lower the lights, turn on the music, activate the alarm and outside lights, and set the temperature to the individuals chosen level. Automation brings the artwork of architects, designers and builders to life and turns a house into a home.

At Sound Xperience, we, like you, are experts in our field. Our technicians can advise from the design phase, through to the handover of the keys, and beyond that in face. We work with our clients to ensure that their every, single need is met. The reality is that Smart home technology is no longer an optional extra, it is a must have feature that home owners now demand.

From architects and builders to interior designers – our aim remains the same; to provide the best product possible to our clients. With Control 4, Sound Xperience offers a cutting edge product that enables seamless integration of automation into any home. Everything is better when we work together. Beauty and brains, you CAN have it all.

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