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CCTV – The solution for you

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CCTV – The solution for you

With the crime rate ever increasing, it has never been as important as it is now to have top-notch security at your home and business premises.

What may once have been out of reach for many people, is now a feasible reality for most thanks to prices plummeting and quality sky-rocketing. CCTV has become a pivotal addition to every single home.

In the past, when thinking about CCTV, let’s face it, there wasn’t really much point. Cameras were grossly expensive and provided images that were beyond unidentifiable. A feint figure could be seen lurking somewhere in a heavily pixelated, jumpy image, providing absolutely no useful picture quality at all. What’s more is that you paid a small fortune to have only a tiny part of your premises covered by such cameras.

Flash forward a few years, and boy have we come a long way. Crystal-clear colour footage can pick up movement from as far as 150 metres away. Have your perp come a little closer and you will be able to pick up defining characteristics including scars and tattoos – footage that will actually help you to identify who the person is and what exactly they are doing.

Cameras have become so popular that they have even started to replace the traditional ‘nanny-cam’. Parents can, at a reasonable cost, install CCTV cameras throughout the entire house, making sure that every nook and cranny is visible. These cameras can then be viewed from any Smart phone or tablet, ensuring that you are entirely in control of what is going on in your home.

Modern cameras provide as much as 4 times the resolution previously available, suppling picture quality equivalent to full HD TV. They can be viewed from anywhere in the world using a Smart phone or tablet. They can provide full colour, HD pictures and can record footage for several days at a time, without compromising on quality. Even better is that these cameras no longer cost the world and are easily available from Sound Xperience.

Sound Xperience specialises in the Dahua CCTV camera range – the very same cameras used during the Brazil Olympic Games. In fact, Dahua cameras made up 90% of the security cameras used at the games. You can have this world-class technology in your own home!

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