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Forget Your Traditional Light Switch, This Is An Xperience

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Forget Your Traditional Light Switch, This Is An Xperience

Ah, the light switch, everyone’s favourite home décor accessory… or not!

You walk in to your home, and flip the switch. What happens next simply won’t astound you – the light switches on – the same way it did yesterday, and the same as it will tomorrow. Ever reliable, but not particularly exciting.

But that was then…

Now – you walk into your home after a long day at work, you push that button, and what happens is so much more than what you have Xperienced before – this is art in action.

At the push of a button, your lights fade in from the darkness, your favourite song emerges from the silence and your daily sports highlights appear on your lounge tv.

You sit down in your lounge, finally relaxed, and your HVAC system heats or cools your home to the exact temperature you want – what could be better?

What we at Sound Xperience have learned over the years is that lighting is key to a beautiful home design. Your home is an artwork, an artwork that can be taken from pointless to Picasso with beautiful lighting.

With lighting automation, we can create moods for your home (the good kind of moods!). From a romantic dinner for two mood with soft lighting and soft music, to a neighbourhood block party with lights and music blaring, it can all happen at the touch of a button.

Your automated lighting system can be controlled from a central point in the home, using a simple touch screen, and is financially not as far out of reach as you might imagine.

Today’s light switch is so much more than just a button to switch on and off a light. It is an Xperience maker, and a must for every modern household.

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