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Get Ready Now, Automate Later

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Get Ready Now, Automate Later

Ready, steady… automate

Everyone knows that home automation is the next big thing. A home controlled at the touch of a button – curtains, lights, security, sprinklers – you name it, you can automate it. The sky really is the limit.

Or is it? Honestly speaking, for most people, the limit is a lot less glamourous – the limit, dare we say, is your budget – particularly at the building stage of your property when costs are probably already spiraling somewhat out of control. But right there is where the bad news ends because although automation can be pricey, the cost can also be easily managed.

One of the best ways to manage the costs of automation is to stagger its installation. By this, we mean installing the ‘bones’ of your system at the building stage, and installing the rest as and when you need it.

Doing it this way means that the hard work has already been done. The infrastructure for your amazing home automation system is in place, ready to go live whenever you are ready to purchase and install the equipment.

In installing the ‘bones’ during the building stages, technicians will draw up plans for your system and provide detailed drawings to your electrician. The electrician will then lay conduit pipes inside the walls for wires to be pulled through at a later stage. He will also make allowance for sufficient electrical points in the essential area, ensuring the neatest possible installation.

When it comes to automation, what you really want is quality and convenience, without breaking the bank. The beauty of home automation is that it is never too late – with the correct planning, you can install your system over any number of years, as and when your budget allows for it.

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