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Add Value To Your Home With Automation

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Add Value To Your Home With Automation

In today’s day and age, beautiful homes are 10-a-penny, so what the discerning home-buyer wants is something more; something special that sets your home above the rest. That something, is smart home automation.

While home automation in its simplest form, the universal remote control, has been around for years, the more elaborate automation technology is still a conundrum to many.

But new technology or not, home automation is fast becoming a must-have feature in every home, a feature that also adds maximum value in the selling stages. Automation maximises efficiency and increases security, something that every home-buyer is looking for in a world filled with anxiety and pressure.

Who wouldn’t want a home that locks its own doors at night and activates alarms at the simple touch of a button? A home that automatically switches the TV on to the CCTV footage of the alarm zone that is currently going off; a home that switches off lights in empty rooms, and plays its owner’s favourite music on entry, after a long day at work?

The truth is that EVERYBODY, yes everybody, wants their lives to be more simple, and automation creates simplicity in its finest form.

Automation offers home-buyers the opportunity to save on future utilities bills, as well as insurance costs, while at the same time enabling more convenient living. It’s a win-win, all around.

So if you are asking yourself if spending money on automation will increase the selling value of your home, the answer is yes. And more than that – you get to enjoy all the perks of the automation yourself until you are ready to sell (Disclaimer: We suspect that you might like the automation so much that you decide to never leave!)

And if you are still in the building stages of your home, and are not yet in the position to automate, we highly recommend installing the necessary framework to ensure that your home is ‘automation ready’, even at this early stage. Retro-fitting is difficult and scarcely looks as good as a blueprint-stage set-up. Even if you never actually automate – you can use ‘automation-ready’ as another selling-point for your property.

Happy automation everybody!

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