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Looking To Buy A Home Theatre System?

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Looking To Buy A Home Theatre System?

When it comes to having great sound in the home, we usually want it because we love watching movies and want the best quality sound when immersing ourselves in the visual experience; then there are those of us who love music and want to experience it in all its true glory – having a true “sound experience”, so to speak. And there are those of us who are a combination of the two – so what’s the best way to get this kind of amazing quality at home? With a good quality Home Theatre System! To find a good quality home entertainment surround sound system requires careful thought, research and planning.

To start with, always evaluate your own system – check the audio (optical or coaxial) & video (component video, HDMI, etc) connections on your TV’s & DVD players. This is very important to make sure that the system you’re buying matches your existing connections – unless of course, you’re going wild and buying everything new 😉

Then, evaluate the room in which you’d like the system to be set up – larger rooms will require more powerful speaks, for example, while in a smaller room, you can get away with using a smaller system. Placement of your speakers is also very important as you want the surround sound to be as realistic as possible. Finally, have a look at what fills the room – a very empty room can create echo and bad acoustic quality so it’s always important to evaluate what you have so you know what you need.

A true home theatre system needs a receiver – it is the most important component as it converts the audio signal from the media device into a supported surround sound format and then distributes the sound to the speakers. Many of the better quality receivers have built-in digital equalisers to help shape the sound being produced, as well as multiple audio and video inputs to manage multiple devices.

Then we come to the speakers – never mix speaker brands; you should always buy speakers that are designed to work together. You can usually buy the speakers you need as a set which is great because this requires the least amount of time for researching, and less of a chance of pairing the wrong speakers together. Plus you have to make sure you’re buying speakers with the right amount of power – there’s no point buying the strongest speaker you can find and putting it in a tiny room, and vice versa.

Home Theatre Systems are amazing and they can add great quality sound to home viewing but always remember to evaluate everything before buying, and if you’re not that clued up, we’re always here to help you make the best choice and provide you with the best quality products and installations. So what are you waiting for? Let us give you a sound experience!

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