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Find The Right Home Theatre Solution For You

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Find The Right Home Theatre Solution For You

Finding a home theatre solution specifically designed for your current space can be a daunting process with all the available products on the market, each claiming to be the best value for your money. With the current economic status stretching your Rand further and further, it’s important to buy electronic equipment wisely, ensuring you get longevity out of the product. Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking for your new home theatre:

How many speakers do I need?

The general home theatres are 5.1 systems. The number 5 here refers to the amount of surround speakers on the system, and the .1, refers to the amount of subwoofers. There are alternative options available like 7.1, or 7.2 systems, but generally speaking, a 5.1 system is definitely sufficient for your average home. There are also one speaker solutions such as Soundbars. Soundbars are great as they are aesthetically pleasing; require little setup and you can get close to full surround sound out of them. However, a good quality soundbar would be within a similar price range to a good 5.1 speaker package. The best way is to assess how many speakers you would need would be to look at your budget, your room size, type of ceiling and home theatre use. A great tool to find the best solution would be at – We recommend Jamo as they have a reputation for excellent quality products, great after-sale service and best value for money packages.

Volume and Quality

Once you start the process of home theatre shopping, you will quickly notice that prices vary dramatically between products and brands. Not all home theatres have been created equally. It is so important to compare products correctly. In the same way that you can only compare car engines with competing manufacturers, you can only compare home theatre power with competing manufacturers. Volume does not equal quality. Higher quality home theatres have an ability to bring out wider dynamics within music and movie sound bringing you a more realistic experience.

Amplifier/Speaker Pairing

Amplifier and speaker pairing is incredibly important. If these components are not paired correctly, you could damage either a speaker or amplifier channel. So what are things to take into consideration? There are 2 vital things to evaluate when pairing your system – impedance and power handling.

Impedance, measured in ohms, would be the resistance of the speaker. Typically, home theatre speakers and amplifiers have an impedance of 6 and 8 ohms. This would relate to how much demand the speaker would have of your home theatre amplifier. A lower impedance speaker, running at 6 ohms, would have a higher resistance, meaning you would need more out of an amplifier that was running at 8 ohms. Running a home theatre like this can cause the amplifier to overheat, switch to protection mode or burn out a channel. If your system switches off when you turn the amplifier volume up, it is possible that your impedance isn’t set correctly.

Power handling, measured in watts, is the power at which the speaker can run. Front and back home theatre speakers run at different wattages and it’s important to pair this according to all the channels of the amplifier. A speaker that runs at a lower wattage than what your amplifier can put out will cause poor sound quality and diminished volume.

Having a great home theatre system that meets all the above requirements can increase your viewing experience far beyond your expectation.

Happy shopping everyone!

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