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Control4 Multiroom Audio – Every Home’s Best Friend

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Control4 Multiroom Audio – Every Home’s Best Friend

What would a modern day smart-home be without the addition of a kick-ass multiroom audio system?

The answer, we say – incomplete.

Control4 offers a dynamic, state-of-the-art multiroom audio system that can provide absolutely unbeatable sound and picture quality, at the touch of a button.

The Control4 multiroom audio system starts at a 4-zone system that can easily be scaled to include as many zones as you need to make your home system everything your heart desires.

Different zones can be programmed to play high resolution music in any and every room in your home – a home entertainment system at its best. It allows users to stream music from a variety of music platforms throughout the home, without even having to add an additional streamer.

Add to this the ability to play true HD pictures throughout your home; sharing your movie library, streaming video content and satellite channels throughout every room, and you have a multiroom audio system fit for even the most tech-savvy and up-to-date home!

A system of this nature also allows for the technician to consolidate all your video and audio equipment into a single space, creating a clutter-free, nearly invisible installation.

A unique selling point of the Control4 multiroom audio system is its ability to stream from Android and Apple devices, without the need for additional equipment; a feature not offered by any other multiroom audio system.

Another fun feature included in this system is its ability to play pre-recorded announcements throughout your home. Tell your entire family, “It’s dinner time; get your butts to the dining room right now!” at the simple touch of one button! What fun!

It also allows for a door station to be linked to the audio system. This means that when your front gate bell rings, an IP camera installed at the gate station picks up video footage of the person and plays it through to the TV’s in the home, as well as playing the audio through the audio system; ensuring that you know who is at your gate from wherever you are in your home! No more naughty so-and-so’s ringing the bell anonymously in the middle of the night! On a side note – this can also now be programmed to ring through to your cell phone, so that the footage can be viewed in real-time, anywhere in the world!

The Control4 multiroom audio system can be incorporated into your current home automation system, or can be added to a system fitted at a later stage – preparing for ultimate smart-living!

It can also be designed to your specific needs, ensuring that what you want, is what you get!

Control4 brings power, performance, and reliability and delivers the best entertainment, over one, robust platform.

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