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Build the Smart Home of your dreams

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Build the Smart Home of your dreams

Exactly what is a Smart Home you ask?

According to research psychologists, moving house is amongst the most stressful life-events that a person will experience. Keeping that in mind, one can only imagine the stress levels when building your own home. At Sound X Perience, we understand how overwhelming the building process can be so we have spent hours developing strategies to provide turn-key solutions from construction phase.  We are here to assist you with creating an easy solution for the audio visual requirements of your new smart home.  By following these simple steps, we can help you save considerable time and money when building the home of your dreams:

1. Let’s Start at Construction Phase

So you’ve bought a piece of land in an estate that would even impress your mother in-law and you have the drawings of your new home from an architect, you’re now ready to start planning your audio-visual dream. Now is the time to arrange a consultation with our Technical Director and Sales Director. We will come through to you and discuss what your requirements are for each respective room layout for your smart home.

2. Provide Conduit Drawings as per System Requirements

Our technical team will then provide conduit and piping drawings using your existing architectural drawings in accordance with your specific needs and wants.  Once we have created the conduit and piping drawings we will hand these plans over to your electrician for installation.

3. Conduit Layout and Installation

An Electrician/Building Contractor will fit all the necessary conduits and piping. We can also provide speaker slab boxes for concrete slabs to cater for in-ceiling speakers.  Our project managers will manage these processes and ensure all the elements are installed according to the drawings. This will save you a considerable amount of time and money in the long run as plastic is cheap in construction phase. Chasing walls and surface mounting cables is unsightly and much more expensive to install in the long run.

4. Wired Up

Once an Electrician/Building Contractor has installed all the necessary conduits and piping, our wiring teams will install all the required cabling. We usually complete this stage at the same time as your electrical cabling.  We are able to avoid any pipe blockages and other cabling problems by fitting the wires as early as possible.

5. Fitting Equipment

Once your smart home is wired and the house is able to be locked up and all major contractors are off site, our professionals will come in and fit all the components and commission your system.

6. Training

You’re now at the final stage of having your audio-visual dream realised.  This is one step you don’t want to miss. One of our Technical Managers will be on site to show you exactly how to operate all aspects of your new system and ensure that you will be able to operate the system with ease.  It’s so important to understand the ins and outs of your system, plus you want to show off your new system seamlessly when your friends and family visit. Please be assured that our systems are easily controlled and operated once this installation process is complete.

Forewarned is forearmed, as the saying goes…  This process works so well because you get to decided what you want long before your house is even built so there is no need to chase walls to fit conduits later on or run unsightly, messy wires on your newly painted surfaces. Planning ahead ensures that all wires are well hidden, enabling you to have a neat audio-visual system that caters to the needs of your whole household.

Smart Home – a pain-free experience with the Sound X team of professionals

The whole process, from start to finish, is taken care of by our professional, qualified team. Enjoy audio and visual technology specifically designed for you in a way you never thought possible.

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Let us help you turn your house into a Smart-Home – a home to be envied.

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