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Create Your Own Cine Prestige

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Create Your Own Cine Prestige

Creating your own cinema room is becoming increasingly affordable. With the right equipment and a couple of tricks from the experts you are able to enjoy a complete cinema experience from the comfort of your own home. There are a couple of choices to creating the cinema room of your dreams that suites your available space and budget. Cinema rooms are ideally made up of the correct combination of screen, sound and lighting


In designing the ideal home cinema, you would have to choose between a projector or a regular TV. Things to take into consideration would be lighting, available wall space and budget. We have created an easy list to compare the two listing both their pros and cons for each.

Pros Cons
Projector ·     Fixed neat installation

·     Bigger screen size

·     Cheaper than buying a large screen TV

·      Replacing the lamp every 4000 hours

·      Best viewed in darker rooms

TV ·      Life span of 100 000 hours

·      Great for normal TV viewing

·      Watch TV in any lighting

·      More expensive to purchase initially

·      Once it’s installed, very difficult to move

Once you’ve decided on your screen type, here are some tips on how to optimize your look.

If you’ve decided on a TV screen, we definitely suggest getting a Samsung UHD TV. These TV’s have crisp clear images and vivid colours that would make you feel like you’re part of the movie. Visit to find the screen your heart desires.

Once you have your TV, you would want to spend a little bit extra purchasing a bracket that would enhance the screen to get the optimum viewing experience. We highly recommend Vogels brackets as they have a huge range that can handle the weight of your screen, as well as give you the extra you would need to make your screen pop out. Find the bracket to suite your needs by visiting

If you’ve decided on a projector, we suggest the Optoma brand. This brand is known for their excellent quality projectors and their outstanding after-sale service. Check out Optoma’s range of HDMI home cinema projectors at Depending on your available wall size and projector size, you would then pair your projector and screen.


Getting the acoustics in your room right is very important. Acoustics are the qualities of a room that determine how sound is transmitted in it. If you have a tiled room with open walls, the sound is going to bounce off the open surfaces and you will not have great clarity. The best thing for your cinema room is a thick carpet and curtains to cover your walls to to absorb the sound.

In terms of finding the right home theatre system for your cinema room, its best to look at 3 components – How many speakers you would need, volume vs quality and amplifier and speaker pairing. Find out more by visiting our blog on purchasing a home theatre –


When it comes to cinema room lighting, the rule is – the darker your room, the better. It’s important to have blinds and thick curtains to block out all additional lighting so that the focus is your TV or projector image. New technology on screens even includes coloured backlighting on your projector screens (check out black diamond screens:

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