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Understanding Multiroom Systems

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Understanding Multiroom Systems

Multiroom Systems enable you to listen to various devices in different rooms using only a keypad in each respective room. On our new systems you are able to connect your centre console unit to your wifi and control the system through an Android/IOS handheld device. Keypads and handheld devices now act as volume and remote controls for the in-ceiling/in-wall speakers. These systems are essentially made up of 3 components – the centre console, in-ceiling/in-wall speakers and keypads.

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The Centre Console

Multiroom systems work off a centre console that connects to 4 or 6 input devices such as DSTv, Radio, DVD players and iPod docking stations. The console then splits off into different rooms that have their own keypads and speakers. The centre console essentially controls the distribution of the input devices to the respective rooms. This unit also acts as an amplifier to the in-ceiling and in-wall speakers, however, these systems are not meant for excessive volume, but are rather more useful for background music, watching TV and for entertainment areas. If you are looking for a surround sound system we suggest pairing both a Multiroom system and a good quality home theatre. We recommend the Axium range of products as they have an exceptional after –sales service and their products are of an excellent quality –

In-ceiling/in-wall speakers

In-ceiling/in-wall speakers generally run between 6 and 8 ohms at a fairly low wattage. Each room would require a few speakers (depending on the size) to distribute the sound evenly. Powered amplifiers can be added to your system to boost power in entertainment areas so that you can enjoy louder volumes. The choice between in-ceiling and in-wall speakers really comes down to practicality. This decision usually depends on whether a house has a ceiling that would permit ceiling mounting or if provision has been made for in-wall speakers. In-ceiling speakers are, most of the time, the more aesthetically pleasing of the two and are usually easier to install. Both in-ceiling and in-wall speakers come in different shapes and sizes so the options of design are endless. We recommend Jamo Speakers –


Each respective room connected to your multiroom system would have a keypad to control volume and select an input device (DSTv, radio etc.). Each keypad is wall mounted and can be fitted next to your light switch for easy access. Keypads are available in black and white to suite each rooms design and are available as either touch screen or normal buttoned keypads.

A multiroom system is a great extra to add to any home and once installation has taken place the system needs very little maintenance. These systems will create a soundtrack for everyday life.

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