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Start To Finish Security Automation Solutions

Ever fallen asleep and forgotten to lock up the house? Well with bed / chair occupancy sensors installed, if you haven’t moved off the couch for a while and it’s getting late, your home automation system will automatically lock your doors with electronic locks, turn the alarm on in stay mode, and turn off the lights for you, leaving you and your family safe for the night.


High Definition CCTV Solutions

Whether you want to see who is at the front door, check on your sleeping baby or view every inch of your home, CCTV is the solution. With incredibly fast streaming speed and high-definition clarity, all of this functionality is automatically enabled with your Smart Home.

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Secure Your Home From Anywhere In The World

Imagine a complete automated security system that will send you live alerts when someone enters your home, the garage door is left open, or your windows blow open from the wind. Get peace of mind at your fingertips and rest assured that all is safe with Intelligent Security

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Protective & Preventative

Thanks to state-of-the-art automation devices, an ordinary home can easily be transformed into a smart home in no time. This is possible thanks to using smart home devices for increased efficiency and safety. Home automation has made it possible for people to have complete control of their home, regardless of where they are physically. The following are some must-haves when it comes to automated security for your home.

Smart Locks

Home automation locks such as automated door locks are the best way to keep tabs on your home while you are away. An automated door lock has a specific security code that only the owner has access to.

Control4 Intercom System

Homeowners have complete control over which door remains open or closed in their home. This Intercom System, comes along with a video system that allow homeowners to see who’s at the door when they are away.

Smart Sensors

Once activated, smart sensors are triggered with movement in your home. When the user turns on smart sensors in their home, the smart sensor will be triggered if there is any suspicious movement inside.

CCTV & Security Systems

Gone are the days of grainy picture quality displayed on a wrecked TV in a guard house. Modern day CCTV systems can be viewed on most mobile devices, including smart phones and tablets.


Your Home Is Your Happy Place

Complete security control off your phone

The place you return to after a long, hard day at the office, to relax, unwind and prepare for what the next day has to offer. Your safety, and that of your family, is the most important aspect of your home life.

If you’re a frequent traveller, our security automation systems enable you can lock your doors and arm your alarm system remotely, ensuring the safety of those you have left behind, and giving you peace of mind! GET SMART SECURITY

Safety & Security

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